Flyinstinct, an industrial AI company founded in June 2017, provides a digital platform for airport inspections developed with the most advanced technologies of computer vision and AI algorithm.  

Our first product is the Digital Inspection Platform™ for FOD Detection which enables the airports to detect the FOD (foreign object debris) faster with higher accuracy and to benefit from inspection data for predictive maintenance. Flyinstinct aim to build up an integrated platform for airside inspections and help the airport industry to accelerate the digital transformation. 


Intelligence Empowers Industry





The industry has overcome the limitation of physical force and production collaboration through the previous technology revolutions. While the industrial activities based on the human intelligence await to be empowered by the latest technologies.   

We are a team of scientists, engineers, industry experts and more, working together with our clients to advance the application of AI in industry.

The advancement in Artificial Intelligence and any other high-end technologies during the last decade offers great potential for the industry. This potential is yet to be realized.