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Digital Inspection Platform™ for FOD Detection

Enhance Detectability
Maintain Inspection Traceability
Enable Predictive Maintenance
Reduce Operational Costs


The aviation safety  at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport is our priority. We are delighted to work with start-ups such as Flyinstinct to find innovative and reliable solutions to optimize our surveillance operations.

 Frédéric De Fouchier

Technical director of Lyon Airport





05 May.2021


Flyinstinct: l'intelligence artificielle au service de l'inspection côté piste

Récemment sélectionnée par le magazine Challenges comme l'une des 100 startups dans lesquelles investir en 2021, Flyinstinct conçoit et propose des solutions innovantes pour digitaliser les inspections visuelles des aéroports. Les systèmes proposés utilisent l'intelligence artificielle pour assister le personnel aéroportuaire, notamment en charge de la sécurité côté piste.


25 March.2021

[ ARTICLE Challenges Magazine]

Flyinstinct fait partie de la sélection des 100 startups où investir en 2021 du magazine Challenges 

Flyinstinct fait partie des 100 startups où investir en 2021 du magazine Challenges. Une véritable fierté. 


18 Dec.2020

Flyinstinct Interview Report: Eurocae


We are glad to have recently joined EUROCAE as full member. On this occasion we invite you to discover EUROCAE through the interview of Sergiu Marzac " Technical Programme Manager " who coordinates the WG-83 " Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Systems”.


 10 Sept. 2020

Adapting regulation to AI - Leading the way wit the AI roadmap of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

A roadmap entitled Artificial Intelligence Roadmap: A human-centric approach to AI in aviation was published in February 2020 (available here).
This first version of the roadmap was drafted by a task-force led by Guillaume SOUDAIN, Software Senior Expert in the Certification Directorate at EASA.


Learn more here 


24 Jul. 2020

Flyinstinct in the Beninese national newspaper La Nation

The deployment of Flyinstinct Digital Inspection Platform™ this week at Cotonou Airport has been covered by the national newspaper La Nation.
In this article you can learn more about the cooperation between our on-site team members Laure GouhierLucas VaudayArthur Ni and Société des Aéroports du Bénin (SAB).

Learn more here


19 May 2020

Flyinstinct Digital Inspection Platform™ will be deployed at Lyon Saint-Exupery, Brest Bretagne and Cotonou Airports.

The point of the collaborations is to better manage inspections and enhance airside safety. In Aéroports de Lyon, Flyinstinct digital solution will be deployed following a successful trial.

Learn more here


31 Aug. 2017

Flyinstinct present our AI project to Prime Minister of France

On 31th August 2017, the CEO of Flyinstinct, Arthur NI, presented our AI project for industry to the team led by Prime Minister of France, Edouard Philippe at Station F.


18 Aug. 2020

20 years ago, the fall of the French-British aircraft jewel

On this occasion, Flyinstinct takes a look at what happened at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle on July 25, 2000. The consequences of the disaster for the industry are presented as well as the way airports deal with FOD (Foreign Object Debris) nowadays. (For our French audience).

Learn more here


23 Jul. 2020

Flyinstinct deploying at Cotonou Aiport

Flyinstinct is at Cotonou airport with Société des Aéroports du Bénin (SAB) team, to deploy our Digital Inspection Platform™. Driven by the dynamism of the airport team and by the massive renovation of the runway, the system has been successfully installed and started.

Learn more here


28 Jun. 2019

Our Digital Inspection Platform™ for FOD Detection is tested with success at
Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

On 28th June 2019, the Digital Inspection PlatformTM  for FOD Detection is tested with success at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport. This successful test is an important milestone for Flyinstinct, the functionality and the value creation of our product are very much appreciated by our client.


03 Aug. 2020

SUMMER STUDY - AI & Aeronautics : ​the evolution of airline pilot profession

The second article of our summer brief is online ! We had the opportunity to interview Nicolas Tenoux, airline pilot at Norwegian, and Arthur Picard, student pilot at ENAC. They told us more about the way AI is going to transform their job. The interview is available for our french audience below.

Learn more here


15 Jul. 2020

SUMMER STUDY: AI and aeronautics, a relationship full of expectations - synopsis

This summer, Flyinstinct is pleased to present its summer brief about AI in aircraft industry. In 4 or 5 articles published on the website and on our LinkedIn page, pilots, aviation authorities, engineers, researchers and other experts will explain how this technology is handled by the sector. The first article is a synopsis available for our French audience here.


13 Dec. 2017

Flyinstinct receive the Price of Innovation Initiative

On 13th December 2017, the Flyinstinct receive the Price of Innovation Initiative 
from the CFC of MEDEF. Our AI application to the industry is highly appreciated by the scientific committee to this competition. 



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